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Tendon Static SECURE Rope - Patented Secure Braiding Technology - UIAA Certified - 11mm

by Tendon

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Tendon Secure Static Rope is engineered to excel in arborist rigging, emergency situations, tree work, camping, and many more applications. Its robust construction ensures it can handle heavy loads and intense activities, catering to both professional and recreational users. Designed with excellent flexibility and handling in mind, this rope allows for effortless knot tying and secure gripping. Whether you're setting up a rig or securing gear, Tendon Secure delivers hassle-free manipulation and quick deployment in various applications.
Built to withstand the elements, this rope is resistant to moisture, UV rays, and most chemicals. Whether you're camping, boating, or engaging in any outdoor activity, Tendon's durability ensures long-lasting performance in a range of weather conditions, providing you with confidence and reliability. TENDON’S Patented SECURE technology ensures zero sheath slippage. Thanks to the unique sandwich type construction of braided layers and the use of specially finished fibers, the rope is safe even in case of a heavily damaged sheath.
For the last 15mm of the rope, the core strand and sheath are connected into one unit making the end cone shaped for ease of threading through devices. RFID embedded into each rope lets you know when your rope needs to be replaced. Keeping you safe and in compliant with regulations.
  • Diameter - 11mm
  • Number of falls (min.) - 20
  • Elongation (50-150 kg) (%) - 4.5
  • CE - Yes
  • Rope diameter (mm) - 11
  • Max. impact force (kN) - 4.3
  • Shrinkage (%) - 0.8
  • Min. tenacity with knots (kN) - 19.8
  • EN 1891 - Yes
  • Weight (g/m) - 84.6
  • Tenacity (kN) - 35
  • Relative mass of sheath (%) - 33.1
  • Sheath slippage (mm) - 0
  • Carrier - 40
  • Manufactured in Czech Republic