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SGT KNOTS® Tuff Tying Polypro Tying Twine is a 100% industrial-grade polypropylene twine delivered to you in a ready-to-dispense cardboard pull box.  And because this twine can endure as well as any wildcat, you can deploy it with confidence in rain, hot, cold, and in virtually any industrial setting. 

Available as 1-ply (3/32") with three different options:

  • 10,500ft per tube:  Lightweight, 106 lb. break strength
  • 8500ft per tube:  Medium Weight, 124 lb. break strength.  MOST POPULAR!
  • 3500ft per tube:  Heavy Weight, 323 lbs. break strength 

Additional Options:

  • 2-ply (1/8"):  4200ft per tube, 315 lbs. break strength
  • 3-ply (5/32"):  2800ft per tube, 480 lbs. break strength


SGT KNOTS® Tie-Rite Polypro Tying Twine is made from 100% industrial-grade polypropylene.  That means it stands up to moisture and is highly resistant to mildew and rot, while also remaining largely immune to most acids, and high and low temperatures.  This poly twine doesn't become brittle or worn from exposure to the elements and will continue to hold its tension, your cargo, and any knots you tie as snugly as the day your twine was deployed.


  • Color:  White
  • 1 ply offers 156 lb. tensile strength, 130 lb. knot strength and a 23 lb. safe workload
  • 2 ply has 327 lb. tensile strength, 234 lb. knot strength, and a 48 lb. safe workload
  • 3 ply come in at 479 lb. tensile, 333 lb. knot strength, and a 96 lb. safe workload


As with everything sold by SGT KNOTS®, we are proud to be a Veteran-Owned company, this polypropylene tying twine is 100% backed by the SGT KNOTS® Guarantee