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  • SGT KNOTS Twine #36 / 486 ft / Green SKCraftTwine-1-36-Green SGT KNOTS Twine

    Rosary Craft Twine

    Original price $ 9.95 - Original price $ 25.53
    Original price
    $ 9.95 - $ 25.53
    $ 9.95 - $ 25.53
    Current price $ 9.95
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    SGT KNOTS® offers beautiful decorative crafting twine designed specifically for high-quality, handmade knotted rosaries. The string is easy to work...

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    Original price $ 9.95 - Original price $ 25.53
    Original price
    $ 9.95 - $ 25.53
    $ 9.95 - $ 25.53
    Current price $ 9.95

SGT KNOTS has the best selection of twine rope products for any situation at prices our competitors cannot touch.  From eco-friendly and biodegradable options like cotton, jute, and hemp to trusty all-weather twine made from polyester, nylon, and polypropylene, we are confident you will find the right twine rope product for every application at SGT KNOTS.

What is Twine?

Twine refers to a strong thread, light string, or cord composed of two or more thinner strands that have been twisted, and then plied (twisted together).  The strands are plied in the opposite direction to that of their twist to add torsional strength to keep the twine from unraveling.  This process is sometimes called a reverse wrap.  Twine rope can be made from several materials and for hundreds of purposes like crafting, baking, butchering, survival, decoration, construction, landscaping, and more.

Twine Rope by Material


Cotton twine is a food-safe, environmentally friendly twine option used in baking, butchering, food packaging, and more.  SGT KNOTS 100% cotton twine rope products are never treated, bleached, dyed, or tampered with, making it the premier food-safe twine choice for all your needs. Choose from Butcher Twine, Baking TwineMacrame Cord Cotton Twine, Pea Twine, and Sausage Twine.


Jute is a low stretch, food-safe, biodegradable, and compostable soft twine roping option ideal for food, gardening, recycling, and all-weather outdoor use.  SGT KNOTS carries all-natural, unoiled, and untreated jute twine you can feel comfortable using with food and, well, anything else!  Our Crown Jute Twine is a heavyweight, 5-ply jute twine option safe for up to 20lb workloads, while our 1-ply lightweight Jute Twine is a great option for simple everyday applications.


Hemp is the strongest natural fiber available today, and another excellent natural and biodegradable twine option for indoor and outdoor applications.  Our all-purpose Spring Twine does not stretch and holds a tensile-strength of up to 180lbs, making this long fiber polished hemp string ideal for crafting, DIY projects, gardening, upholstery work, and more.


With smooth, shock-absorbing synthetic fibers naturally resistant to weather, chemicals, and abrasions, nylon makes an excellent twine and sewing thread material option for DIY projects, fishing, hunting, climbing, and more.

We carry a large selection of Braided Nylon Twine Mason Line, Twisted Nylon Twine Mason Line, Rosary Craft Nylon Twine, and even Twisted Tarred Nylon Twine, a must-have when Using Twine for Survival and Camping Needs.  Be sure to check out all our nylon twine, Rope, and Cord products!


Polyester is naturally lightweight, water, rot, chemical, UV, and abrasion-resistant material ideal for outdoor applications like construction work, camping, boating, commercial fishing, and crafting.  Polyester twine gives you the strength and stability you need and will not stretch out during use.  SGT KNOTS carries Polyester Mason Line and Braided Polyester Twine to best fit your outdoor applications.


Polypropylene is the completely waterproof twine option ideal for industrial applications.  Our Tuff Tying PolyPro Tying Twine is a 100% industrial-grade twine ideal for all-weather environments.  Home businesses with regular packaging needs will find SGT KNOTS lightweight yet durable Tie-RIte Polypropylene Tying Twine a welcome addition to your packing crew.

Shop our incredible selection of twine, roping, cord, and accessory products you need at the incredible prices only SGT KNOTS can deliver.