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At SGT KNOTS, we’re dedicated to delivering the very best climbing ropes and climbing accessories we can to help you safely conquer your next climb. Here, you will find the very best climbing ropes for sport climbing and tree care from industry-leading climbing rope company Tufelberger, including the Teufelberger treeMOTION Climbing Harness, dynaGLIDE rope, and so much more. Shop Tuefelberger tree care and sport climbing rope at SGT KNOTS today!

Climbing Rope

Working safely in the tree is no question when you’re using Teufelberger tree care climbing ropes. Through extensive testing by industry professionals, Teufelberger ropes offer the versatility and functionality you need for unparalleled safety and durability during your climbing time. The Braided Safety Blue Hi-Visibility Climbing Rope features a blue polyamide safety core only exposed if and when the rope is seriously damaged or worn to the point that it should no longer be used.

With a firm and flexible construction and a polyester cover designed to significantly improve friction hitch, the Teufelberger Tachyon Climbing Rope offers a consistent diameter that will not waver under load. Its 11.5mm diameter makes it an excellent thickness for tree care, giving you a better grip and reducing the chance of tired hands. The last Teufelberger rope in our climbing lineup is the drenaLINE Climbing Rope, a light construction nylon core rope with polyester cover designed to offer the utmost efficiency and freedom to choose the best technique for any given task.

Rigging Rope

Designed with a double braid and known as a must-have rigging rope, the Teufelberger Sirius Bull Rope is the easy to knot, easy to handle, abrasion-resistant rope ideal for scaling trees. Next up is the Multiline II Static Climbing Rope, ideal for rigging thanks to its exceptional durability and strength despite its extremely low weight.

Designed with a durable, abrasion-resistant, high-grade double braided polyester rope, the Sta-Set Rigging Line is best suited for rigging situations where blocks are used. You will love how the urethane coating delivers superior abrasion resistance, how well knots hold, and how readily this rope can be spliced into various slings.

Tool Line

The Teufelberger dynaGLIDE is a coated throwline you won’t lose in the trees. This hollow braid Dyneema throwline features a special coating that offers little elongation and better gliding movement on tree bark.

Climbing Accessories

As the top climbing harness for all arborists since 2007, the Teufelberger treeMOTION Climbing Harness offers a more comfortable experience through a greater range of motion, individual gear loops, improved load distribution, improved work positioning, and the use of premium materials. To add to its safety, Teufelberger has added a stitched seam at both ends of the bridge, ensuring the rope ends are long enough beyond the knot.

No matter what your day among the trees looks like, climb in the comfort and safety of Teufelberger tree-climbing ropes and accessories. Shop SGT KNOTS today to grab these impressive, high-quality tree climbing products!

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