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Stage Rigging & Theatre Ropes


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More About Stage Rigging & Theatre Ropes

SGT Knots offers the highest quality stage rigging and theatre ropes perfect for your next production.  Our incredible selection of Dacron PolyesterWoven ReadyGear Shock Cord, and Polypropylene Shock Cords are suitable for any shock-absorbing situation.

Stage Rigging Ropes & Elastic Shock Cords

Also referred to as bungee cord, elastic shock cord is a stretchy cord composed of elastic strands and used in many industries, from climbing to theatre production and more.  Elastic shock cord is best suited for situations requiring the ultimate shock absorption and is used in theatre to transport awkward and heavy equipment to and from sets.  SGT KNOTS offers a great selection of elastic shock cords ideal for your next live performance and future productions, including an industrial-strength ReadyGear elastic shock cord!

Dacron Polyester Shock Cord

SGT KNOTS Marine-Grade Dacron Polyester 3/16” Shock Cord is a heavy-duty elastic shock cord ideal for providing the ultimate shock absorption when and where you need it.  This elastic shock cord handles prolonged exposure to sunlight, UV radiation, moisture, and general wear and tear with ease and will undoubtedly be a favorite go-to theatre rope/stage rigging rope for years to come.  Available in several diameters and lengths spanning from 10ft to 500ft and nearly 19 colors, this Dacron polyester elastic shock cord will not let you down.

Diamond Grip Shock Cord

SGT KNOTS Diamond Grip Elastic Shock Cord is a slip-resistant elastic shock cord ideal for use as bungee straps and cargo nets or for use in transporting goods and heavy equipment to and from sets.  This ultra-grip shock cord is available in several diameters and lengths ranging from 10’ to 1000’, giving you as much (or as little) of the best elastic shock cord you need for your production!

Polypropylene Shock Cord

If you are looking to add a low-stretch shock cord to your stage rigging rope family, the Polypropylene Rope is worth a look!  Known for its durability and low-stretch nature, this highly versatile theatre rope is an excellent option for indoor and outdoor productions.  It is available in several diameters and lengths so you can easily get the right amount for any need! 

Cotton Tie Line

SGT KNOTS Unglazed Cotton Tie Line features cotton sheathing on the outside to provide a soft feel with tight braiding on the inside to prevent the rope from fraying while keeping its stretch-resistant nylon fiber core protected. With 80lbs of test strength, this cord can be tied as tight as you'd like and still handle any impact with ease.

No matter what your theatre rope needs may be, SGT KNOTS has the stage rigging and elastic shock cords to help you make your next act a safe and successful production!  Shop today!