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ARMBURY Tough Yet Flexible Polyamide Open Slings


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$ 7.95
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Armbury 16mm Polyamide open slings can be used at the belay station or as a runner extension. 

OUR BRAND. ARMBURY is all about health, freedom, adventure, athleticism, and mental fortitude. Our team of expert climbers and professionals communicate with and translate users’ concepts into successful products with improvements in functionality. Our passion for climbing and the complexities of working at height and difficult access allows us to support our customers by building reliable, high-quality products that meet the rigorous standards for safety assurance.

INDISPENSABLE EQUIPMENT: Slings (also known as runners) are versatile climbing accessories made by tying or sewing a loop of webbing. Highly useful for traditional, multi-pitch, ice, and alpine climbing. These are also used as anchors, anchor extensions to reduce friction, and help equalize multiple protection points for a safer climb.

TOUGH YET FLEXIBLE: Our 16mm polyamide slings are sturdy but still have a little stretch to them. It adds an extra layer of shock absorption built into your climbing system. This elasticity makes it a safer option for anchor attachment or for extending a rappel. The smooth texture is also easy on the hands

STRONGEST IN THE WORLD: Dyneema is said to be one of the strongest fibers in the world, even stronger than steel and therefore a great material for slings. Our 10mm Dyneema slings are light, thin, have less friction, and have high abrasion resistance. They also do not absorb water making them a better choice for ice and alpine climbing.

VARIETY OF LENGTHS: Both polyamide and Dyneema slings come in 30cm, 60cm,
80cm, 120cm, and 180cm. Each length serves a different purpose -tying off pitons, alpine quickdraws, or extension to reduce rope drag. Both sling types have a rated breaking strength of 22kN and meet safety requirements relevant to European regulations.

  • 30cm, 19g, 22kN major axis strength, Orange
  • 60cm, 32g, 22kN major axis strength, Green
  • 80cm, 43g, 22kN major axis strength, Blue
  • 120cm, 64g, 22kN major axis strength, Orange
  • 180cm, 92g, 22kN major axis strength, Green