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Polyamide Slings


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At SGT KNOTS, we are on a mission to deliver the highest quality, UIAA approved Climbing Products to keep climbers of any discipline and skill level safe on their climbing adventures.  Whether you need new climbing slings or are looking to get all new Static Rope, Dynamic Rope, and Climbing Backpack, SGT KNOTS has the Climbing Accessories you want at the prices you will love.  Shop today!

What is a Climbing Sling?

Also known as a sling runner or climbing runner, a climbing sling is a type of climbing equipment used as an anchor or anchor extension to reduce rope drag, in anchor equalization, or to climb a rope while sport climbing, hard climbing, trad climbing, mountaineering, and caving.  Sling runners are often tied or sewn loops of webbing made from a durable material like nylon or Dyneema that can be wrapped around sections of rock, hitched to other equipment, or tied directly onto a tensioned line using a prusik knot.

SGT KNOTS climbing slings meet UIAA requirements for quality climbing rope equipment you can trust.  We carry two types of climbing slings made from different materials.  The Nylon Climbing Sling and a Dyneema & Polyamide Climbing Sling, available in multiple diameters and lengths, colors, and bundle packs.

More Climbing Products from SGT KNOTS

Whether you are an avid climber, mountaineer, or like to climb in your spare time, SGT KNOTS has a great selection of high-quality and long-lasting climbing products for you to shop.  Here, you will find comfortable and easy-to-pack climbing backpacks to easily store and access your climbing essentials.  

Our Dynamic and Static Rope selection is also a must-see, available in various colors and lengths to best suit your climbing rope needs.  Need a climbing harness or climbing hardware?  We have that, too!  From never-fail carabiners to safe and reliable climbing harnesses, we make it easy to find the safe and reliable UIAA approved climbing and Rope products you need for all your future climbing adventures, and that is not all!  

SGT KNOTS is also your one-stop-shop for the highest quality Rope and Cord products for every use, on land or at sea.  From military-grade Paracord and Bungee Shock Cord to seaworthy Sailing and Marina Rope, and Decorative/Landscaping Rope, we are confident everyone can find the best rope at the best prices right here at SGT KNOTS.  Shop today!