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Arborist Rigging Ropes

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If you're looking for high-quality, durable rigging rope for your next job, look no further than SGT KNOTS. Our arborist rigging ropes are made with premium materials and built to last. Whether you’re setting up a pulley system or securing cargo, we have the arborist ropes you need to help get the job done. So don’t settle for second-rate gear—trust SGT KNOTS to ensure a safe and secure rigging job each and every time!

Rigging Ropes FAQ

What is Rigging Rope?

First off, what is rigging rope? Arborists use rigging ropes to hold weight, most commonly for rigging and pulling trees. They come in a single or double braid and are dynamic, meaning they have a certain level of stretchiness to them, whereas a climbing rope is considered static and doesn’t stretch. 

What Are the Different Ways to Use Rigging Ropes?

Arborist rigging rope can be used for several tasks, from hauling heavy materials to hoisting objects up high on trees. For sailors and mariners, rigging rope is an essential tool for tying boats to docks, fastening sails and masts, and creating secure holds. Hikers and campers can benefit from rigging rope, too, as it’s strong enough to secure a raft or carry a load across rugged terrain.

What Are Rigging Ropes Made From?

Rigging ropes are typically constructed from either nylon or polyester fibers that have been woven into high-strength strands. These heavy-duty rigging ropes can hold plenty of tension, featuring a high break and tensile strength.

What Size Rope is best for Tree Rigging?

Choosing the right size rope for tree rigging ensures tree work safety. At SGT KNOTS, our rigging ropes come in multiple sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 1/8 inch in diameter and up to 2,400 feet in length to suit your needs.

Shop High-Quality Rigging Rope at SGT KNOTS

When you’re preparing to scale a tree or haul supplies, you need a rigging rope to get the job done safely. At SGT KNOTS, we sell quality arborist rigging rope and throw lines, which are especially useful for navigating the canopy of a tree. 

Shop SGT KNOTS today for all your arborist gear to ensure a safe, secure climb every time!