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Scuba Diving Rope & Bowfishing Line


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More About Scuba Diving Rope & Bowfishing Line

Few outdoor sports require the precision, skill, and dedication needed for successful bow fishing.  That is why expert bow fishermen and speargun fishermen know how important using the highest quality ropes and lines is critical to any successful bow fishing adventure.  From Commercial Fishing Ropes and Accessory Cords to Nylon Mesh Dive Bags and more, SGT KNOTS is the one-stop-shop for all types of Marine Rope products.  Shop today!

Spectra Twine & Accessory Cord

When you need a Twine Rope that is as strong as steel but light enough to float, you get the Braided Spectra Twine.  SGT KNOTS Spectra Twine is made from high-strength Spectra fibers up to 15 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than Kevlar!  This incredible Spectra fishing line offers low stretch, is resistant to abrasion, repels moisture, and floats, making it a perfect speargun line.  Enjoy this fantastic Spectra fishing line in classic colors of black or white, multiple diameters, and lengths ranging from 25’ to 850’!  

Please Note: break strengths vary by diameter:

  • 1.2mm | 4 ply = 285 lbs
  • 1.9mm | 8ply = 480 lbs
  • 2.3mm | 12 ply = 550 lbs

    Spectra Accessory Cord is an extremely strong floating Spectra fishing line option.  The strong inner core is covered by a thick yet flexible polyester shell to create a line resistant to moisture, sunlight, abrasion, chemicals, and severe weather.  Get our Spectra accessory cord in multiple diameters, lengths, and colors.

    Bowfishing Line

    The Braided Spectra Bowfishing Line has long been the bowfishing line of choice for expert archer-anglers, and for good reason!  This incredible bowfishing line is made from the highest quality Spectra.  Braided fibers eliminate stretch and perform at the highest and consistent level of use for years to come.

    Speargun Line

    Whether you need a great new speargun line or a strong and abrasion-resistant rope that will not snag, sever, or snap, the Spectra Speargun Line is a great option.  Made with an ultra-high molecular weight Spectra core, this speargun line provides excellent tensile strength and resistance to cutting in a thin, lightweight design; not to mention, it is resistant to UV exposure, wear, and degradation from oils and most chemicals!  Get this incredible speargun line rope in fun green, blue, or neon colors, 1.8mm or 2.2mm diameters, and 100’, 300’, or 1500’ spools.

    Scuba Diving Rope

    The SGT KNOTS high-visibility Dacron Polyester Scuba Reel Line is a scuba diving rope in a class all its own.   This tightly weaved Dacron Polyester scuba diving rope will perform better and last longer than many of the soft nylon diving ropes on the market.  Our hydrophobic scuba diving rope is preshrunk to help protect against abrasion, water absorption, and elongation and is a perfect scuba diving rope for divers of any level.

    Shop SGT KNOTS bowfishing and speargun lines and ropes today for the durable and dependable aquatic ropes you need for every fishing adventure!