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Sailing & Marine Rope


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SGT KNOTS sailing and marine ropes are engineered for people whose livelihoods are counting on their performance.  Our large selection of ropes work in all types of sailing and marine applications and include Anchor Lead Chains, braided and twisted Nylon Ropes, Bungee Dock Lines, Commercial Fishing Ropes, and more!

Types of Marine & Sailing Rope

Whether you want to learn Everything to Know About Boat Ropes or simply need to find the best boat, dock, sailing, or anchor rope for your needs, SGT KNOTS can help!

Twisted Marine Rope

Twisted Marine Rope is a flexible, durable, and long-lasting rope ideal for use as anchor rope, dock rope, tow lines, and running rigging.  Our Twisted Nylon Rope is a heavy-duty, all-weather rope that is resistant to moisture, rot, decay, and chemical-based weakening.  If you are looking for a dependable dock rope that is easy to tie and re-tie repeatedly, this is it.

We also carry Twisted Nylon Dock Line Rope and Twisted Nylon Anchor Rope, ideal for quick and secure fastening of large load-bearing applications.

Braided Marine Rope

Braided Boat Rope is undoubtedly one of the most popular types of marine rope available today. It is often made from synthetic materials like nylon, polypropylene (polypro), polyester, and Kevlar and comes in single, double-braided, and diamond-braided designs. 

Single-braided boat rope is made with a flexible construction that will not twist or kink and is most often used as sailing rope for mainsheets and large dock lines.  SGT KNOTS 1/4 Inch Solid Braid Nylon Rope is completely resistant to moisture, rot, oil, gasoline, and many other chemical abrasives you would encounter on a boat or dock.  This solid braid nylon boat and dock rope provides maximum strength and minimal stretch where and when it matters.  Use this rope in the water or on land for several purposes like securing cargo, tent lines, and more!

Double-braided dock rope is a strong, durable, and easy to handle dock rope ideal for running rigging and dock lines.  SGT KNOTS Double Braided Nylon Rope is moisture and weather-resistant and has a high tensile strength perfect for keeping your boat docked in any weather.

Diamond-braided ropes are high-quality, general-purpose ropes perfect for use as dock ropes or control lines on dinghies. Diamond-braided boat ropes are constructed with a twisted nylon core and diamond braid nylon cover to provide a stiff, firm, and strong rope that is also easy to handle while delivering low stretch.  We carry diamond-braided nylon ropes in a number of diameter thicknesses, including this popular 1/4 Inch Diamond Braid Nylon Rope.

While shopping for your next dock rope and boat rope products like the galvanized Anchor Lead Chain and shock-absorbing Dock Mate and Bungee Dock Line!