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  • SGT KNOTS Hollow Braid Rope SGT KNOTS Hollow Braid Rope

    Pelican Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Hollow Braid Rope - 1/8 inch (3mm)

    Pelican Rope
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    Pelican's Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Hollow Braid Rope is a general purpose utility rope, and the popular choice for hunters, camper...

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At SGT KNOTS, we believe in delivering only the best for our customers.  As a family-run, proud veteran-owned and operated business, we take pride in delivering the Always Faithful utility rope products at always fair prices.  From Nylon Rope and Manila Hemp Rope to a helpful Rope Material Guide to help you choose the best rope for your needs, find all the roping products you could ever dream of right here at SGT KNOTS. To learn more about ropes and how to tie handy knots like the Figure 8 Knot, check out our Knot Tying Tutorials.

Quality Rope Products Unbeatable Values

By cutting out the middleman and ordering our supplies in bulk, SGT KNOTS can deliver our customers the very best utility rope products supplies for all of life’s adventures.  Need a large supply?  Buy your rope in bulk for even more cost savings!

Ropes by Material

SGT KNOTS provides a vast collection of top-quality, performance-engineered utility ropes for boating, construction, camping, hunting, fishing, survival, and general use.  We carry a wide range of sizes and colors in double-braided, 3-strand twisted rope, hollow braided, solid braid, and diamond braided styles in several natural and synthetic materials.


Manila Rope is a durable and flexible rope that shrinks when wet but is resistant to saltwater damage.  For this reason, manila rope is great for decorative and landscaping purposes, as well as indoor applications like stage rigging.


Stronger and lighter than true manila, Promanila Rope is a strong and flexible rope resistant to moisture, oils, and chemicals perfect for everyday use in practically any setting on land or at sea.


Polypropylene Rope is a plastic rope product highly resistant to moisture, chemicals, abrasion, and damage.  Because it floats and ages well, our Twisted Polypropylene Rope works best in outdoor and aquatic applications, from creating swimming lane barriers to fishing applications.  If cutting polypropylene rope, melt the ends to prevent the rope from unraveling. 


Polyethylene is one of the most commonly used plastics today.  Thanks to its buoyancy and ability to resist water absorption, Polyethylene Rope is excellent for aquatic applications, from sailing to boating ropes. 

Polyester & Dacron Polyester

If you need a rope resistant to rot, decay, and chemical-based weakening, then Polyester Rope might be for you.  SGT KNOTS Polyester Twisted Rope is superior to other twisted rope thanks to its superior non-elastic properties and resistance to distortion and stretching.  Polyester rope makes excellent climbing rope.  Similarly, Dacron Polyester Rope has a high tensile-strength and stretch resistance when wet or dry.  Dacron Polyester is mildew resistant, hypoallergenic, and non-absorbent, making it an excellent utility rope product for any purpose and in any weather.


Nylon Rope is one of the most common household and industrial roping products available today.  Because of its superior shock absorption, strength, durability, and resistance to rot, decay, and chemical-based weakening, SGT KNOTS Nylon Twisted Rope is an excellent twisted rope choice for applications involving oil, gas, acids, and alkalis.  If cutting nylon rope, melt the ends to prevent the rope from unraveling. 


Naturally strong and fast drying, Cotton Rope is one of the best natural roping materials available today. There are two general kinds of cotton rope: twisted, and braided rope.  Braided cotton rope is more flexible than cotton twisted rope, but cotton twisted rope is stronger and easier to splice, making it better for outdoor applications.


Another popular natural roping material is Sisal.  Used for centuries, sisal is a low-cost, high tensile-strength fiber rope option designed to withstand virtually any weather and even saltwater deterioration.  SGT KNOTS Twisted Sisal Rope is excellent all-natural rope for indoor and outdoor applications alike.


Made from 100% all-natural, untreated jute fibers, SGT KNOTS Twisted Jute Rope is the strong, coarse, and most affordable roping option available today.  Our 100% jute roping is safe for use with pets or food, making it an excellent choice for gardening, pet toys, crafting, home improvement, camping, and more.  You will find that our jute rope makes the perfect eco-friendly option for any DIY home or garden project, such as a No-Sew Twisted Jute Bowl.


Traditionally used by paratroopers in WWII, Paracord Rope has evolved from a wartime tactical supply to a versatile rope product used in countless ways, from crafting and hammock making to camping and survival.  Paracord is waterproof, abrasion, and mildew resistant, and available in a variety of tensile strengths.

Shop SGT KNOTS today to find the high-quality DIY and utility rope products perfect for your next adventure.