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All Gear Polyester Arborist Climbing Rope

$ 174.98
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Safety comes first for any experienced arborist, and that means you should reach for the first name in safety ropes. ALL GEAR® Polyester Arborist Climbing Line is the industry-tested and professional-approved safety line when you're tree trimming, prepping to bring a tree down, or doing any other climbing where your life depends on your rope.

ALL GEAR® Polyester Arborist Climbing Line comes in bright colors for easy spotting and identification, and a variety of widths and strengths that, along with your harness, will ensure your safety in the event of a spike slip or other fall from the arboreal heights.

  • ALL GEAR® Polyester Arborist Climbing Line
    • Name | Strands | Diameter | Metric | Average Tensile Strength
    • Forestry Pro | 12-Strand | 1/2" | 12.5 mm | 7,300 lbs
    • Safetylite | 16-Strand | 1/2" | 12.4 mm | 7,500 lbs
    • Cherry Bomb | 24-Strand | 7/16" | 11.5 mm | 6,300 lbs