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If you're looking for high-quality, reliable, and strong climbing quickdraws, you've come to the right place. Here at SGT KNOTS, our team of climbing experts has stocked and assembled a wide collection of the finest brands and products for all your Sport Climbing Needs.

Quality climbing quickdraws are essential gear for rock climbing, and especially for sport climbing. After you've got your chalk bag, Harness, Helmet, shoes, climbing rope, and Belay Device, a good set of quickdraws should be the next thing on your list. 

What Are Quickdraws for Climbing?

A full quickdraw setup consists of two carabiners and an intervening length of semi-rigid fabric webbing. Sometimes the strip of fabric is referred to as a quickdraw, and sometimes the webbing and two carabiners together are referred to as a quickdraw. Usually, the term "dogbone" refers to the fabric webbing itself in combination with two carabiners. Here, we will use the term "quickdraw" to refer to the webbed fabric strip. Conversely, we will use the term "full quickdraw" to refer to the entire setup.

As you climb, you should be setting anchors with a series of full quickdraws behind you. If one fails, your fall will be broken, the next should stop you, and so on in a series. The higher you climb, the more quickdraws you depend on in the event of a fall.

Quickdraws range in thickness from wispy to beefy. The quickdraws you choose should be based on your needs and climbing style.

What Are Climbing Quickdraws For?

Quickdraws for climbing are a solution to many of the problems associated with attaching your rope directly to a single carabiner. It allows for the use of one carabiner that is optimized to be directly attached to your anchor and a second that is optimized to clip directly to your rope. The quickdraw goes between them.

The top carabiner is attached to the bolt, and the bottom carabiner attaches to your rope. The top carabiner tends to be rougher in nature, shaped and molded to stay upright and keep your rope hanging in the proper position. The bottom carabiner is smoother, often with a rounded gate, so that your rope will be less likely to fray or snag. The combination of the two lets you keep your rope in an optimal position while reducing or eliminating the potential for rope failure.

Full quickdraw setup is a big topic and one that you should learn about before your first climbing. For now, we are your connection for the finest quickdraw products on the sport climbing market. Our climbing quickdraws inventory contains only the highest quality quickdraws in a range of price points and strength ratings.

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At SGT KNOTS, we stock only the finest sport climbing gear for all of your needs. Shop today to find the right climbing quickdraws for every adventure—and always at unbeatable prices! Looking for Arborist Climbing Gear? We’ve got you covered! 

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