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Pull Tape & Mule Webbing


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More About Pull Tape & Mule Webbing

At SGT KNOTS, we’re on a mission to deliver the very best cable pulling mule tape products at the very best prices. Whether you require a high-quality, low-price pull tape or Webbing for a wiring project or a simple DIY home improvement job, SGT KNOTS is where you go. Shop our electrical pull tape and Rope products today and complete your next project with the very best products in tow.

What is Pull Tape? What is Mule Tape?

Also known as mule tape, mule tape rope, or electrical conduit pull tape, pull tape is a polyester webbing product used to help securely route wires through electrical conduits and walls. The polyester yarn fibers are flattened to help disperse pull load, making it a perfect kind of rope to pull through conduits.

SGT KNOTS Electrical Conduit Pull Tape Products

We carry three different kinds of conduit pull tape and mule tape rope products for your convenience. The first is our Printed Pull Tape, a narrow polyester webbing that features ascending measurements at each foot for easy tracking, and a pre-lubricated design for reduced friction while pulling it through conduits and walls. Printed pull tape is available in ½”, ⅝”, and ¾” diameters and lengths ranging from 100’, 3,000’, and 5,000’.

If a straightforward narrow polyester webbing is all you need, our Polyester Pull Tape/Mule Webbing will do just fine. This mule tape rope features a low friction design ideal for everything from crafting projects to small cargo tie-downs. Although soft to the touch, this pull tape offers unwavering, low-stretch support. This pull tape is available in ⅝” diameter and lengths of 100’, 300’, 500’, and 3,000’.

Last but not least is our Detectable Woven Poly Pull Tape. Specifically designed with wiring woven into the polyester fibers, this pull tape offers incredible stability where and when you need it most on everything from small home projects to large commercial wiring needs. Like the Printed Pull Tape, the Poly Pull Tape is pre-lubricated for easy use without worrying about rips, tears, abrasions, or snags. This pull tape is available in ½”, ⅝”, and ¾” diameters, and either 3,000’ or 5,000’. Any one of SGT Knots pull tape products are safe to use with cables for fiber optics, audio, network, general utility, and more.


Regardless of your project, SGT KNOTS is sure to have the right rope and Cord products for you to use, at the best prices anywhere. We didn’t stop with great products, either. We provide informational Knot Tutorials, Rope Guides and blog posts at the SGT KNOTS Blog to help spark inspiration and show you exactly how to use your new rope and cord products, whether it be for Crafting, Commercial Fishing, Landscaping, or Sailing. Shop SGT KNOTS today to find the right rope for your next mission!