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Without the proper climbing equipment, a climber’s ascent can quickly become a dangerous endeavor. That’s why when expert climbers need the most reliable climbing products for sport or professional use, Petzl climbing harnesses and helmets are the gear they trust to keep them safe. But when they need it at the best price, they shop SGT KNOTS!

Shop SGT KNOTS today to explore our wide selection of Petzl helmets and harnesses, and to stock up on climbing ropes and climbing accessories from today’s most trusted brands like Petzl, Armbury, Teufelberger, DMM, and more.

About Petzl Climbing

As an industry-leading climbing gear company for over 50 years, Petzl has created one of today’s most trusted climbing gear brands based on four fundamental values: family, innovation, industrial excellence, and commitment to the local and global community. 

Every Petzl harness, helmet, and the climbing product is designed, created, and tested to account for all risks a climber may encounter during a climb. With a 100% revamped production and strict quality control and inspection process, Petzl strives to achieve its objective of zero defective products leaving their France-based facilities.

To ensure customers get the best, authentic Petzl climbing gear, the brand goes to great lengths to fight against the global counterfeit market, working closely with trusted distributors and dealers like SGT KNOTS to ensure climbers can shop their favorite Petzl harness and helmets in confidence, and always at the best prices.

Outside of creating some of today’s most trusted climbing products, Petzl also strives to support natural, cultural, and economic environments through the Petzl Foundation. This foundation helps initiate public interest projects through various activities in vertical and mountainous domains and financing projects to help prevent accidents, preserve the environment, and improve education about the natural world around us.

Petzl Helmets

SGT KNOTS is proud to offer Petzl helmets and Petzl climbing harnesses for sport and professional use. The Petzl VERTEX VENTl ANSI helmets are designed with comfortable, durable six-point textile suspension in both CENTERFIT and FLIP&FIT systems for a snug and secure fit, and the adjustable chinstrap on each Petzl helmet makes for hassle-free operation on the ground and at height. Ventilation holes with sliding shutters allow for personalized airflow and comfort on demand, and all models are capable of integrating with accessories like Petzl headlamps and hearing protection. 

For extra visibility, the Petzl VERTEX VENTI HI-VIZ Helmet is recommended. Or, for all of the above-mentioned features without the need for high-visibility reflection, the VERTEX VENT ANSI Helmet is a great option at a more affordable price point.

For professional climbers in need of an unventilated helmet that can protect against electrical hazards, flames, and splashes of molten metal, the Petzl Vertex Vent Hi-Vis ANSI helmet is the perfect fit. This high-visibility Petzl helmet offers all of the advantages of the helmets above, with the added bonus of a fluorescent outer shell with phosphorescent reflective bands and clips, offering professional climbers optimal visibility day or night.

The Petzl Vertex ANSI Helmet is the newest version of the Petzl workhorse helmet. Both comfortable and durable, this modular helmet is ANSI Z89.7 Type 1 Class E rated, and features Petzl’s popular six-point textile suspension, CENTERFIT, and FLIPFIT systems, offering the most secure fit for all-day comfort and safety.

Petzl Climbing Harnesses

SGT KNOTS is proud to carry two of Petzl’s most trusted climbing harnesses, the Sequoia Saddle and the Sequoia SRT Saddle. Ideal for double-rope ascents, the Sequoia saddle features an extra-wide, semi-rigid waist belt, and leg loops for comfortably seated harness climbers who can easily accommodate several attachment bridges and accessories and carry/organize tools. 

The Sequoia SRT is the Petzl harness best suited for single rope ascents. Designed with the same extra-wide, semi-rigid waist belt, and easy tool organization/carrying abilities as the Sequoia saddle, the SRT model features special DOUBLEBACK PLUS self-locking buckles and FAST LT PLUS buckles on the leg loops ideal for arborists.

No matter what your climbing needs may be, SGT KNOTS has today’s industry-leading climbing equipment from trusted brands to help you achieve your safest, most comfortable, and most organized climbs ever. Browse and shop today!

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