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SGT KNOTS is your one-stop-, veteran-owned, family operated-shop for military-grade rope, paracord, and cordage supplies you can use in daily life.  We carry a wide range of paracord types in the colors you want, from classic black paracord to exciting blue, red, orange, purple, and more!

What is Paracord or Parachute Cord?

Traditionally used by paratroopers during World War II, parachute cord (paracord) has evolved from a wartime tactical supply to a versatile domestic tool for outdoorsmen and DIY crafters alike.  Before its military declassification, soldiers would use this strong yet slender nylon kernmantle style braided rope as a parachute cord in the sky.   Once on land, the paracord fulfilled many functions, from tying rucksacks, and securing camo nets into the trees or as pace counters.

Today, this waterproof, mildew, and abrasion-resistant paracord can be used in hundreds of ways, from crafting jewelry and making hammocks or setting snares and securing shelter in the wild.  There are plenty of Reasons Why You Need Paracord, but how do you choose which type best fits your needs?

Types of Paracord

Paracord is categorized based on its minimum tensile (breaking) strength, minimum elongation (how much the rope will stretch during a fall test), and minimum length per pound of cord.  While there are six types of paracord, the three most notable are types I, III, and IV. 

  • Type I has a minimum breaking strength of 95lbs and is ideal for household purposes.
  • Type III (most known as paracord 550) or IV (paracord 750) are highly sought after by survivalists and outdoor adventurers, with breaking strengths of 550 and 750lbs, respectively. 

SGT. KNOTS Paracord

Whether you’re on the hunt for a heavy-duty 550 Paracord Spool, Type IV Paracord, Accessory Cord, or a durable 100% nylon crafting Type 1 Paracord, SGT. KNOTS has the largest selection of bulk paracord supplies you need at prices you’ll love.  Need paracord supplies in tensile strengths not typically seen in the market?  Our Nylon Paracord 425 (425lbs of tensile strength) and Nylon Paracord 275 (275 lbs of tensile strength) are at your service.  We’ve even created the Paracord Fire Starter, a naturally flammable and quick drying jute and nylon “fire paracord” that holds the reliability, flexibility, and convenience of a paracord.

Shop our large selection of paracord survival necessities and accessories like Paracord Lanyards, Paracord Rope Zipper Pulls, and Shock Cords to discover the difference SGT. KNOTS products will make in your next mission.