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Known for its superior shock absorption, strength, and durability, nylon rope is the rope of choice for common household needs industrial applications, and everything in between.  From Heavyweight Nylon Webbing to Sailing and Marina Rope and the Double Braided Nylon Anchor Line guaranteed to last under heavy, everyday use, SGT KNOTS makes it easy to find the nylon rope products you need in the right diameter, lengths, and twisted or braided styles to best fit your project.  Shop today!

What is Nylon Rope?

Made from a silky, thermoplastic material resistant to abrasion sunlight, chemicals, and moisture, nylon rope is an excellent all-weather rope material made in various lengths, diameters, and styles, making it easy to find the best nylon rope for your next project.  Whether you need a solid, low stretch Nylon Accessory Cord for crafting or climbing or a basic Nylon Utility Rope for hoisting or tying down, SGT KNOTS has the Rope you are looking for!

Nylon Rope Products

Braided Nylon Rope

Braided Nylon Rope uses fibers braided into tube-like strands for a smooth and flexible roping option that is easier on the hands than twisted rope.  Braided rope is, however, more difficult to splice, and offers less stretch than twisted rope.  SGT KNOTS Solid Braided Nylon Rope is entirely resistant to rot, moisture, oil, gasoline, and virtually any other chemical abrasives, making it an excellent choice for marine applications on the dock, on the boat, or in the water.  Enjoy our solid braided rope in various diameters, lengths, and colors. 

Our Hollow Braided Nylon Rope is a MILSPEC coreless rope option with excellent strength and flexibility.  With its lightweight design and ability to easily be manipulated and spliced, this hollow braided nylon rope is a perfect crafting cord and is available in coils or spools.

The Double Braided Nylon Rope offers high tensile strength and weather resistance for industrial or marine applications in need of a quality construction rope to deliver nothing but the best day in and day out.  Meanwhile, arborists will love the dependability and durability of SGT KNOTS All Gear Arborist Bull Rope, a double-braided nylon core rope that is a thick, yet flexible abrasion-resistant rope ideal for pulling trees down, securing limbs, and everything in between.

Twisted Nylon Rope

Twisted nylon rope is made by simply twisting the nylon fibers into strands, then twisting them into rope.  Twisted rope is easy to splice and offers more stretch than braided rope, but is stiffer, more prone to kink, and generally less flexible than braided nylon rope.  Our Twisted Nylon Anchor Rope offers industrial-level strength and performance for quick and secure fastening vessels of all sizes.  Meanwhile, our classic Twisted Nylon Rope is the heavy-duty, all-weather rope with the best shock and absorption levels for marine and outdoor applications from boats and oil rigs to ranches and beyond.

Whether on land, at sea, or in the trees, SGT KNOTS has the quality nylon rope products you need to get any job, anywhere, done right.  Shop our incredible selection today at prices our competitors cannot beat.