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As our society implements more eco-friendly practices, we see the return of the mesh bag.  These net-like sacks that were once used as shopping bags have repeatedly proven to make excellent, cost effective laundry, tote, gear and storage bags several activities including everyday needs to outdoor adventures.  As a family run, proud veteran-owned and operated business, SGT. KNOTS takes pride in delivering our customers the finest mesh bags, ropes and cord products at honest prices!

Mesh Bags for Everyday & Specialized Use

SGT. KNOTS carries a variety of mesh bags in the styles and sizes to best fit your needs.  And since they are constructed with a military grade material, you know you are getting a mesh bag with quality and durability second-to-none.  Secure your gear, laundry or day pack items in one of our Polyester Mesh Bags, featuring our highly durable Cord Lock for safe and secure closure, with (or without) an easy-carry shoulder strap.  Similarly, our Mesh Backpack Bag makes the transport of everyday items or camping essentials simple.  Designed with US 550 paracord drawstrings rather than finicky zippers, you won't ever have to worry about snags or tears, while having an emergency paracord at your disposal.

Mesh Shoe Bag

Give those stinky, dirty shoes a place of their own to call home with the SGT. KNOTS Polyester Mesh Shoe Bag.  Designed with a heavy duty nylon bottom and polyester body, this mesh bag will help keep moisture and dirt at bay, away from your other gear.  Each mesh bag can comfortably fit one pair of shoes with military grade 550 paracord to easily secure your bag to a backpack, suitcase or anyplace else you want it.

Mesh Diving and Activity Bags

If you are on the hunt for a bag for land or sea, the Mesh Catch Bag with Galvanized Wire Handle is worth a look.  This UV, moisture, oil and abrasion resistant bag is an excellent storage option for underwater activities like spearfishing, scuba diving, quahogging or holding fresh fish.  To top it off, a rust resistant galvanized handle makes it easy to carry this mesh bag in-and-out of the water for years of versatile use. 

If a roomier, multi-purpose mesh dive bag is what you seek, the Mesh Duffel Bag is our go-to choice.  Designed with a durable polyester mesh to keep your belongings smell and mildew-free, this mesh dive bag is the ideal open air duffel bag for sweaty sports gear, damp gym equipment, camping gear, laundry, and of course, diving gear.   In true mesh dive bag fashion, this duffel also features two high-quality nylon pack cloth end panels resistant to both moisture and abrasion for safe transport for your gym, sport or underwater adventure gear.

Shop SGT. KNOTS today to find military grade products like mesh bags, Rope and Paracord to improve the way you work, play and DIY in your everyday life!