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Kong climbing gear makes tree climbing safer, faster, and more comfortable than ever. With a range of reliable equipment such as carabiners, descenders, pulleys, and more, you can feel confident that your climbs will be safe and secure each time. Shop SGT KNOTS today to explore our wide selection of climbing products and get the highest-quality equipment for climbing trees, mountains, and more.

Kong Climbing Gear for Arborist Jobs, Rescues, and Mountaineering

Kong climbing gear includes carabiners, harnesses, lanyards, saddles, helmets, spare parts, and more to support you during your climb. Whether you are a professional arborist or novice rock climber, you can depend on Kong climbing gear to get you up trees and mountains or into caves securely and comfortably. 

Kong Carabiners

Kong carabiners are a great option for anyone looking for reliable and sturdy alloy, carbon, or climbing steel carabiners. Their oval shape makes them easier to handle, and they come in asymmetrical and symmetrical models, making them ideal for different applications. Depending on the model you choose, Kong carabiners can be especially suitable for belaying and rappelling due to their unique strength, size, and lightness. When you need a reliable, robust, lightweight alloy or carbon carabiner with an oval shape, Kong climbing gear has you covered. 

Kong Helmets

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an experienced climber, you need a climbing helmet. With Kong's comfortable and well-ventilated helmets, finding the best fit for you isn't a problem. Their removable padding helps you ensure the most comfortable fit on your head, all while having durable clips that keep the helmet snug and secure on your journey. Speaking of journeys, never worry about lugging around a heavy helmet again–with their lightweight models, you should barely feel like you're wearing anything.

Kong Fall Arresters 

When it comes to safety, no one wants to take chances. Kong fall arresters provide a secure, reliable way to protect yourself when working at height. The slings and energy absorbers help protect you if you fall, while the nylon mesh pouch keeps the slings and energy absorbers safe and easy to carry. For extra security and convenience, its TANGO connector with a protective cap guarantees a safe connection that’s easy to attach.

More Kong Climbing Gear

Maximum protection while climbing is essential. Whether you need earmuffs, lanyards, tree forks, boots, rope bags, or locking carabiners, Kong offers the perfect equipment to keep you safe and secure on your next climb. Get set with Kong climbing gear today at SGT KNOTS and easily conquer your next tree or mountain.

Kong: Climbing Gear You Can Count on When It Matters Most

Investing in quality climbing products that will take you up and down safely is essential. Whether you are a professional climber tackling complex tasks or a weekend warrior out for an adventure, having the right gear can make all the difference. Designed and rigorously tested in Italy, Kong uses the best materials and latest production technologies to offer climbers reliable products with proven performance. 

At SGT KNOTS, we offer a large selection of Kong climbing gear for arborists, rock climbers, and rescue teams. Shop Kong climbing gear today, and equip yourself with safety equipment to get the job done. 

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