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Jute Rope, Twine & Cord


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More About Jute Rope, Twine & Cord

SGT KNOTS has the best selection of jute cord, twine, and Rope Products at prices our competitors cannot touch.  From the best Twisted Jute Rope ideal for use all around the home, the garden, to other natural options like Manila Hemp, we are confident you will find the right rope products you need for every application right here at SGT KNOTS.  Not exactly sure what rope you need?  Our Rope Material Guide can help!

What is Jute, Anyway?

Jute is a low stretch, food-safe, biodegradable, and compostable twine roping option ideal for everything from arts and crafts to all-weather outdoor use.  Jute rope is also one of the most eco-friendly rope options out there today.  SGT KNOTS jute cord is manufactured without oils, odors, chemicals, bleaches, or dyes, making it the all-natural, untreated, and unoiled jute twine you can feel comfortable using with pets and food.  In fact, our jute twine, jute cord, and jute rope is often used in food preparation, gardening, recycling, camping, and more, like this Nautical Rope Door Mat!

SGT KNOTS Sisal Rope & Twine Products

SGT KNOTS Twisted Jute Rope and our 1-ply lightweight Jute Twine make an excellent multi-purpose rope to have on hand all the time.  The kids will love using them for arts and crafts, and you will love its extremely versatile function around the garden to tie up and dry out herbs, making a pea trellis, or supporting plants like tomatoes as they grow through the warm summer months.  You can even use our Twisted Jute Rope to create things like a DIY Jute Rope Dart Board Barrier!

In the home, you can use jute twine to hang teacup planters, add rustic touches to home decor, create gorgeous jute-wrapped accents like a Twisted Jute Bowl, Twisted Jute Table Runner, or Hanging Photo Frames.  And do not forget you can secure your gift packages with it, too!

If you want a heavier-duty jute twine or jute rope product, our Crown Jute Twine can safely support 20 lb workloads, and is most popular for use in craft beer brewing, as cucumber twine, farming, agriculture, home decor, crafting, and more!  Plus, since jute decomposes into the earth, it is a biodegradable option you can feel good about using outside!

Although not 100% natural and biodegradable, the SGT KNOTS Paracord Fire Starter rope is made with inner strands of natural jute fiber and covered in a nylon sheathing ideal for use as emergency tinder or kindling.  It is the perfect rope for everyday adventurers and survivalists to have on hand when working or playing out in the wild!  This Paracord Fire Starter Jute Rope is available in bright green and orange colors or traditional black and tan, and either 50, 100, 200, or 1000’ lengths.

As a veteran-owned, family-operated business, SGT KNOTS is proud to deliver the Always Faithful Jute Rope, twine, and cord products you need at the prices our competitors cannot beat.  Shop SGT KNOTS today and discover the difference our military-grade rope products can make in the way you work, play, and DIY!