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Climbing Harnesses

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Whether you are an avid climber, mountaineer, or arborist, SGT KNOTS has the high-quality, long-lasting climbing hardware and climbing harnesses you rely on to complete any mission safely and effectively.  

As a proud veteran-owned, family-operated business, SGT KNOTS takes the utmost pride in delivering the highest quality, UIAA approved Climbing Products at always fair prices.  While shopping for new climbing hardware, be sure to check out our Climbing Slings, Climbing Backpacks, Static Rope, and Dynamic Rope!

Climbing Harnesses

A climbing harness is an essential piece of your climbing hardware that should not be overlooked. Designed to give tree climbers a functional climbing harness that is as comfortable as it is safe, the Teufelberger treeMOTION Climbing Harness has become one of the most popular harnesses available on the market today.  There is a stitched seam at both ends of the rope bridge for a safer climb.

Need a professional-grade tree climbing harness? If so, the Tendon Storm Climbing Harness w/ Adjustable Leg Straps is an excellent choice. Available in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large, this Tendon Climbing Harness is a versatile and dependable climbing harness designed with decades of experience in mind.

With a tensile strength of 674lbs, the DMM Vault Wire Gate Carabiner is a stout and secure climbing carabiner designed with a slim nose to reduce catching, and a wire gate to offer quick access to your climbing hardware!

Caring for Your Climbing Harness

Like anything else, the better you take care of your climbing harness, the better it will take care of you.  Given the job your climbing harness is tasked with, it is critical to check it regularly for wear and tear. 

While a well-loved harness is not exactly considered “unsafe,” fraying or discoloration of webbing is a good indicator it is time for a new climbing harness, and any harness over 7 years old should be replaced.  Similarly, if you are climbing on a regular basis, retire your climbing harness after one year.

Another aspect to consider is cleaning your harness.  The simplest way to clean your harness is to rinse it.  If after you rinse it the dirt is still there, try using warm water and mild soap, followed by rinsing.  Allow your harness to air dry away from direct sunlight.  Store your harness in a dark and dry bag or place free from other objects that could damage it.

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