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As a veteran-owned and family-operated business, SGT KNOTS takes pride in delivering Dynamic Climbing Ropes and products at always fair prices.  We carry a great selection of colorful dynamic climbing ropes certified by the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) you can trust on any climb.

While shopping for Dynamic Rope, be sure to check out our Static Rope and climbing accessories, like Climbing Harnesses, Climbing Slings, and Climbing Backpacks!

What is a Dynamic Rope?

When you are suspended in the air, having a rope that can lessen the impact is critical to your safety.  Dynamic Rope is a stretchy climbing rope designed to absorb impact in the event of a fall and is best used for top roping, trad climbing, sport climbing, and big wall climbing.

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SGT KNOTS Single Dynamic Ropes

SGT KNOTS high-quality dynamic ropes meet strict UIAA requirements and are available in various lengths, diameters, and colors to complement your climbing gear.  Since single dynamic ropes come in multiple diameters and lengths, they can be easier to handle than two-rope systems for climbers of any discipline.

The Hattrick 9.7mm Dynamic Single Climbing Rope is available in 60m or 70m length and is an excellent rope for both beginner and experienced climbers.  It comes with a four-layer construction ideal for high-wear situations where durability and safety are priorities.  This Dynamic Climbing Rope is UIAA approved for a minimum of 5 falls.

If you need a dynamic climbing rope for hard and sport climbing that is both soft and easy to manipulate, the Master Dynamic Single Climbing Rope is for you!  This rope is available in either 9.4mm or 9.7mm diameters, lengths of 35m, 60m, 70m, and multiple colors.  It is also UIAA approved for a minimum of 9 falls.

The Master TeFix 9.7mm Dynamic Single Climbing Rope is a 70m ultra-premium dynamic rope ideal for climbing and mountaineering and is made with the patented Tendon technology designed to reduce sheath slippage to zero.  This Dynamic Climbing Rope is best suited for expert-level hard and sport climbing and is UIAA approved for a minimum of 8 falls.

Sport climbing and mountaineering pros in need of a durable, long-lasting small diameter dynamic climbing rope will love the Master Pro 9.2mm Dynamic Single Climbing Rope.  This Dynamic Climbing Rope is UIAA approved for a minimum of 9 falls.

Shop SGT KNOTS today to get the high-quality, long-lasting, Dynamic Climbing Rope, climbing accessories, and gear you need to make all future climbs safer!