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One of the most critical components to climber safety are the climbing products utilized by new and experienced climbers alike. At SGT KNOTS, we make it simple to shop today’s most trusted brands, products and climbing accessories, making it possible to get the products you trust at the most competitive prices. Among our selection of foolproof climbing gear is DMM equipment.

Who is DMM?

Founded in 1981 DMM delivers more than 40 years of experience developing industry-leading gear for all sorts of climbing, from recreational to mountaineering. With innovation at the core of development, DMM climbing equipment continues its mission to remain a leading climbing gear brand worldwide, operating as the only climbing hardware manufacturer in the UK today. 

Among DMM’s most sought-after climbing product offerings include carabiners, pulleys, slings, winter equipment, and award-winning belay devices. With all products manufactured in Wales, DMM climbing gear is the quality gear you can count on to support you in your future climbing adventures and endeavors.


As part of our ongoing mission to deliver only the highest quality climbing products, SGT KNOTS is proud to offer several DMM climbing products suited for your safety. Our DMM online climbing product offerings include DMM pulleys and several leading DMM carabiners for a variety of different purposes. 

*DMM gear meets safety requirements relevant to European regulations as well as those of the UIAA, e.g., EN12278:2007 (International Mountaineering and Climbing Foundation).

DMM Pulleys

Whether you’re hauling gear, self-belaying, or need extra protection while simul-climbing, a DMM pulley is necessary to have in your arsenal of climbing tools. 

Evolving from the classic Triple Attachment Pulley and featuring design improvements born from 10+ years of manufacturing/design expertise and feedback from climbers, the DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric Pulley offers a stainless steel axle, larger sheave, and more efficient roller bearing for an overall more functional pulley system. To increase rigging options without losing efficiency or effectiveness, consider the DMM Pinto Pulley your new go-to. 

DMM Carabiners

Carabiners are multifunctional climbing tools critical to every type of climbing. DMM carabiners range in style and design for a wide variety of climbing needs. SGT KNOTS DMM carabiner selection includes mini carabiners for constricted scenarios, lightweight locking carabiners, rig connectors, wire gate carabiners, and more.

Shop DMM Online at SGT KNOTS Today!

Browse and shop DMM gear online at SGT KNOTS today to find the right DMM climbing gear ideal for your next great adventure. While shopping, be sure to check out all of our other climbing product offerings, including dynamic rope and static rope, climbing harnesses, climbing slings, tree climbing equipment, and so much more.