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For the best military-grade Shock Cord, Paracord, and Accessory Cord products in the colors and sizes you want, look no further than SGT KNOTS.  Our large selection of bulk bungee cords come in various sizes, tensile strengths, and materials to give you the best results for every application.  Shop today to find the high-quality cord products at prices our competitors cannot touch!

Accessory Cord

Accessory cord comes in small and large diameters, made from materials like dacron polyester, nylon, and polyethylene.  Accessory cords can be used for everything from crafting to camping but shines in survival and outdoor applications.  SGT KNOTS Dacron Polyester Accessory Cord, for example, is a durable low stretch cord that is resistant to moisture, ideal for lashing down light cargo or use in underwater environments without fear of fraying, tearing, or other damage.  

Meanwhile, our 4-ply cabled Paramax Nylon Accessory Cord can be un-stranded to give you an excellent variety of rope thicknesses for unlimited camping or survival uses, from making fishing lines and trip wires to securing shelter.

Shock Cord

Also known as bungee cord, shock cord is a stretch cord composed of one or more elastic strands and is used for just about everything.  Bungee cord especially comes in handy in situations requiring ultimate shock absorption (hence the name!).  SGT KNOTS slip-resistant Diamond Grip Bungee Cord is ideal for transporting goods and securing cargo, while our Dacron Polyester Shock Cord is the perfect stretch cord for environments with prolonged sun, moisture, and water exposure.

If rot-resistance is your main concern, consider our Polypropylene Shock Cord to be your saving grace.  For any industrial-strength stretch cord needs, the Ready Gear Shock Cord offers extreme levels of shock absorption and strength for securing and fastening carto to boating, kayaking, and more.


What was once used by WWII paratroopers as a tactical supply is now considered one of today’s most versatile cord products?  A strong yet slender cord, paracords waterproof, mildew, and abrasion-resistant qualities make it an excellent choice for DIY projects from crafting jewelry and building hammocks to outdoor survival purposes like setting snares and securing shelter. While there are plenty of Reasons Why You Need Paracord, there are several types and tensile strengths to choose from depending on your needs.

Other Cord Products

If you are looking for a great indoor cord, look no further than SGT KNOTS Cotton Cord.  This all-purpose cotton cord features a cotton outer cover and synthetic core for enhanced strength and less stretch than a 100% cotton cord alone could.  Cotton cord is ideal for decorative purposes and as theatre cords, and should be stored indoors.

If a heavy-duty pull cord is what you are after, the Dacron Polyester Pull Cord is what you need. This pull cord product works great as a small engine starter rope for lawn mower or landscaping businesses to have on hand.  The unique blend of Dacron and polyester maximizes strength while eliminating stretch for a high-quality pull cord product you can trust.

Shop SGT KNOTS today to find the best cord products for every application!