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More About Cord Locks

At SGT KNOTS, we believe in delivering only the best for our customers.  With our collection of plastic cord locks and spring cord locks, you will have the best tools for emergencies, or to simply create better functioning equipment, and clothing.  Our cord locks have been pivotal in creating more comfortable, and adjustable face masks during the COVID-19.  Whether you need 10 or 100, we offer a variety of shapes, and colors that will provide the best support for your application.  As always, you can count on SGT KNOTS to deliver the finest products at honest prices!

Quality Cord Locks, Unbeatable Values

By cutting out the middleman and ordering our supplies in bulk, SGT. KNOTS delivers our customers the absolute best cord stoppers, Rope, Thread, Mesh Bags and supplies for all of life’s adventures.  Need a large supply?  We make it easy to Order In Bulk for even more cost savings.

Plastic Cord Locks For Every Occasion

Specially engineered with industrial strength moisture and element resistant thermoplastic, the Crown Spring Cord Lock is a fan favorite among our outdoor adventurers and DIY crafters alike.  Whether you are seeking a solution for temperamental drawstrings, securing tent pole bundles or camping equipment you can rest assured these spring cord locks are in it for the long haul, withstanding up to 150°F degrees without warping and as low as -50°F without losing integrity.

In the market for a no-nonsense cord lock for paracords?  The sliding lock design of the Heavy Duty Wheeled Cord Lock can help.  Constructed with automotive engine grade Delrin capable of withstanding extreme heat and cold environments, moisture, salt water and chemical wear, the wheeled cord lock delivers incredible performance, firmly holding your equipment in place with ease.

From the drawstring on your hoodie to holding a tight grip on a heavy food bag hanging from a tree, a Circle Spring, Dual Circle or Dual Barrel Plastic Cord Lock are excellent solutions to easily and securely fasten rope, cords and string, even if you have only got one free hand.

For a slip-proof hold on a looped piece of cord that will not budge, SGT. KNOTS Plastic Zipcord Stopper is the lightweight, heavy duty solution you want to always have on standby.  With their tested and true SGT. KNOTS durability capable of withstanding various temperatures, tension and moisture levels, these zip cord stoppers will maintain their integrity through the years, and beatings you put it through.

Explore SGT. KNOTS today to find the products, Knot Tutorials and Blog Posts dedicated to improving all of your adventures.