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Armbury Climbing Gear

As a leader in the Rope and Cord supply industry, SGT KNOTS is proud to also deliver the best Climbing Ropes, and Climbing Accessories that sport climbers rely on to ascend boulders and climbing walls as safely as possible, like those from industry-leading climbing gear company Armbury. 

From Dynamic Rope and Static Rope to the tuber belays and carabiners you need for any climb, you can find it all and more in one place at SGT KNOTS. Shop today!

Who is Armbury?

Armbury is a team of expert climbers and professionals dedicated to creating the best climbing rope and accessories with relentless attention to quality and innovation. Through constant communication, the Armbury team ensures each product they release meets, if not exceed, rigorous safety assurance standards for your satisfaction. With Armbury climbing gear and ropes you can climb with confidence knowing you’ve got some of the best technical climbing gear in the game and always at the competitive SGT KNOTS prices you love.

Armbury’s Best Climbing Ropes

SGT KNOTS is proud to carry several of Armbury’s best climbing ropes. Not sure which Armbury climbing rope fits your needs? Let us break it down for you! 

The Armbury Blizzard Rope is designed for the all-around indoor or outdoor climber due to its balance of weight and durability. Made from half and twine rope for excellent handling and knotability, the Armbury Dynamic Mountal Climbing Rope is a waterproof rope perfect for classic climbing and ice climbing missions. Another great rock and ice climbing rope featuring a smoother sheath and waterproof ability is the Armbury Dynamic Rage Rope.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an incredible abrasion-resistant rope for crag or indoor rock climbing, the Armbury Dynamic Edge Climbing Rope is the rope you need. For any application (climbing, rescue, utility applications), Armbury Accessory Cords make excellent multipurpose cords to have on hand for any mission.

Armbury has even created the best climbing ropes for rescue missions, including the Armbury Dynamic Giant Climbing Rope, an incredible, heavy-duty rope that shines in training centers and emergency conditions. Or, if a lightweight, flexible static rope for canyon, rope access, or light rescue loads is what you’re after, the Armbury Static Rope is the best climbing rope for the job.

Armbury Climbing Gear & Accessories

Aside from creating some of the best climbing ropes available today, Armbury also shines in its climbing gear selection. From several carabiners and pulleys to rigging devices, climbing chalk bags, ascenders, belays, slings, and more, you can stock up and save big on a majority of your climbing gear and rope when you shop with SGT KNOTS.

More from SGT KNOTS

SGT KNOTS is the best place to get all of your rope and cord products for any mission at the best prices anywhere. As experts in the rope and cord industry, we take pride in delivering the Always Faithful products and informational Knot Tutorials, Rope Guides, and more helpful information available to you at the SGT KNOTS Blog. Shop or browse today to find your next favorite rope or cord product for all of your needs at SGT KNOTS!


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