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At SGT KNOTS, we take pride in delivering the safe and reliable arborist Climbing Ropes and Climbing Accessories tree workers and rock climbers alike rely on.  Here, you will also find the UIAA certified Static Ropes, Dynamic Ropes, and Knot Tutorials to help you master the perfect knots you rely on when suspended in the air.  Shop our arborist climbing ropes and other Rope Products today to discover your new favorite rope products for every application!

Polyester Climbing Rope

The All Gear® Polyester Arborist Climbing Rope is an industry-tested, heavy-duty, abrasion, and snag-resistant braided polyester rope designed with bright and highly visible colors for climber safety.  This is the perfect rope for tree climbing and arborist work such as trimming and prepping.  

You can get this arborist climbing rope in either 7/16” or 1/2” diameters and lengths of 120’, 150’, 200’, and 600’.  Your arborist rope length should be double the height you are climbing. If you plan to climb a “shorter” tree of 50’, we suggest using a standard 120’ rope.  A 75’ climb will require a 150’ rope, and so on.

Arborist Rope Strength 

Arborist climbing rope strength is often differentiated by the number of strands and rope diameter. For instance, the “Cherry Bomb” All Gear® Polyester Arborist Climbing Rope is a 24-strand rope, and in the 7/16” diameter, has an average tensile strength of 6,300 pounds. Conversely, the Safetylite Polyester Arborist Climbing Rope is a 16 strand, 1/2” rope with a tensile strength of 7,500 pounds, while the Forestry Pro Arborist Climbing Rope is a 12 strand, 1/2” diameter rope with an average tensile strength of 7,300 pounds.  Choosing an arborist rope with the right tensile strength will depend on the work you are doing and the weight load the rope will be subject to.

It is important to note that when performing tree work, you should never use a rope intended for rock climbing, caving, or stiff rope that cannot support specific arborist knots.  You should also never use a twisted rope which can cause you to spin in the air.  A braided (kernmantle) rope is always the best type of arborist rope.

Arborist Rope Climbing Accessories

We carry a great selection of climbing accessories you need for safe tree climbing while at work or at play! For instance, the Teufelberger treeMOTION Climbing Harness was designed to give tree climbers a functional harness that is as comfortable as it is safe, while our Climbing Backpack serves as the perfect place to store your ropes and accessories during a climb.  Here, you will also find Climbing Slings, professional-grade Climbing Harnesses, Carabiners, and other reliable equipment to make every climb a safe one.

Shop SGT KNOTS today for the arborist climbing rope and climbing gear you need for your next climb!