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Arborist Tree Climbing Gear

At SGT KNOTS, we take pride in delivering the Always Faithful tree climbing equipment arborists need to safely and effectively do their job. From Arborist Climbing Ropes of every kind to Climbing Accessories and hardware, new and veteran tree workers can find the best arborist Climbing Products from industry-leading brands at incredible prices every day. Shop today!

Industry-Leading Arborist Equipment

We’re proud to offer dozens of arborist climbing gear products from industry-leading brands like Teufelberger, All Gear®, and Armbury.

Tree Climbing Ropes

We carry several different industry-tested, heavy-duty dynamic ropes, static ropes, and accessory cords for every tree climbing adventure you have. Whether you need a polyester arborist climbing rope for trimming and prepping, or a trustworthy dynamic rope that can help absorb impact in the event of a fall, you can trust our selection meets UIAA safety requirements. 

For instance, the Teufelberger dynaGLIDE is a highly visible, specially coated throwline that glides easily along tree bark for easy movement. Meanwhile, the Teufelberger Sirius Bull Rope is an abrasion-resistant rope that’s easy to handle and knot, making it an excellent piece of arborist climbing gear for scaling trees.

Be sure to check out all of the incredible arborist rope products available at SGT KNOTS and climb in confidence knowing you have the best ropes for the job. 

Arborist Equipment & Accessories

Each piece of arborist climbing gear down to the accessories plays a crucial role in the safety and security of the climber. For instance, the right harness will offer comfort and support throughout the entire tree care task, and even small arborist climbing equipment accessories like carabiners, quickdraws, pulleys, and slings help make the job safer and easier. 

If you need a climbing harness, we recommend the Teufelberger treeMOTION Climbing Harness, or the Tendon Storm Climbing Harness with Adjustable Leg Straps. Both are versatile, dependable options to consider adding to your arsenal of arborist climbing equipment.


No matter if you’re just learning the ropes of tree work or you’re teaching them, SGT KNOTS makes it simple to get all of the arborist gear you need in one place, and that’s not all! The SGT KNOTS blog features knot tutorials and articles to help learn or teach the tricks of the trade to others, like the 10 Basic Tree Climbing Knots Every Arborist Needs to Know before their first climb.

Shop SGT KNOTS today to browse the best arborist equipment from leading brands in one place!