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Kevlar® Cord

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An extremely strong and durable all-purpose utility cord made of 100% industrial strength Kevlar.  Perfect for situations where ultimate tensile strength and extreme temperature performance are desired.  Commonly used for winch lines, mooring lines, helicopter slings, firefighting, and hundreds of other indoor and outdoor applications.

Kevlar is the strongest rope fiber on the market, with a pound-for-pound tensile strength that exceeds cotton, manila, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and even steel.  These smooth fibers will not twist or unravel during use.  Extremely low-stretch for maximum stability.  Perfect for winches, pulleys, and situations where high load bearing capacity is required.

Our Kevlar line is flame-resistant and freeze-resistant, it holds strength up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and actually gets stronger in subzero temperatures.  Structural integrity is not threatened by harmful chemicals, acids, oils, or alkalis.  Cut-resistant strands provide long-lasting performance with no chance the rope will snap, break, or tear.


  • Lengths:  25ft, 50ft, and 100ft
  • Diameters:  3/32",  1/8",  3/16",  1/4"
  • Color:  Natural Yellow

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