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Cat Tree Repair

Cat Tree Repair

The vast majority of cat trees sold today come with flimsy, twine-wrapped scratch posts that eventually become frayed and unsightly, if not completely destroyed. . Instead of buying a new cat tree, save some money and add durability by repairing the post with our Twisted Sisal. It’s a tough, all-natural rope that's completely chemical-free and safe for your feline friends..


  • Twisted Sisal Rope (50ft of 1/2" rope covers most average sized cat scratch posts)
  • GORILLA Super Glue
  • Scissors, screw-driver, or pliers to remove old material
  • Twine or Tape to hold rope ends down while glue dries

Repairing A Cat TreeHow to Repair A Cat Scratcher

 We used a piece of jute twine tied around the first wrung to hold it in place while the glue cured. You can use tape here as well. Continue putting a dab of glue every 3-4 rows.

Cat Tree RepairCat Tree Repair

The glue fully cures in 24 hours but will be secure within 5 minutes of applying. Our cats started playing with the rope within 20 minutes of finishing and it held firmly. 

One 100ft spool of 1/2" Twisted Sisal was more than enough for this project.

Cat Tree Repair

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