SGT KNOTS Product Highlight: Gaff Tape / Gaffers Tape

Tape. It doesn't sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but if you think about it it's actually pretty cool stuff. It's part glue and part rope, working as an adhesive for things as light as a piece of paper and, in some applications, to tie things together for a strong structural frame. It comes in a variety of styles, weights, colors, and more, and is one of the most versatile tools modern chemistry has developed.

Of course, some types of tape are more versatile others. Duct tape is considered by many the be-all end-all of tape (and tool) versatility, and there's no doubt it can do a lot. It can be easily torn yet has fantastic tensile strength, its adhesive strength is great, and it's flexible enough to go around most covers and cover most gaps securely…

...but the fact is, there's a better tape out there. Right here, in fact.

Gaff Tape Beats Duct Tape On Almost All Counts

As impressive as duct tape is, there's really only one thing it handles better than gaff tape or gaffers tape. Duct tape's vinyl backing makes it moisture resistant, and a well-applied and well-sealed piece of duct tape can even hold up under water. Gaffer's tape has a cotton backing that's moisture permeable, so it can't be used where it'll get wet if you need a long-lasting hold.

In other applications, though, gaff tape's cotton backing and strong yet clean-removing adhesive makes it preferable to duct tape every time. The natural cotton fibers are far more flexible than duct tape's vinyl and there's a slight stretch to the weave used in gaff tape, too and don't become dried out and brittle in the same way. For tape that truly conforms to corners, odd shapes, and multi-directional curves, gaff tape is where it's at.

The adhesive you'll find on gaff tape is just as strong as what's typically used on high-quality duct tape, yet it removes cleanly even after a piece of tape has been in place for months—something duct tape certainly can't brag of. It tears even easier and cleaner than duct tape and has greater tensile strength, making it an improvement on every metric.

Add in the fact that you can write on gaff tape's surface with a pencil, pen, or marker without any smudging or smearing, and the superiority of gaffer's tape is, if you ask me, made even more clear.

Use gaff tape to make secure labels that remove whenever you want, to color-code cords and other equipment, and, well, to tape things together whenever you need. Its strength, versatility, and clean removability are what have made gaffer's tape the tape of choice for theatre and film technicians and crews for decades, and it'll work for you, too!

I've got ten colors to choose from and the best price on gaff tape you'll find on the net—try a roll today!

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