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3 Ways SGT KNOTS Can Help You on the Farm

I tend to blog a lot about camping because I spent much of my career as a Marine—and spend much of my free time these days—enjoying the outdoors in just that way. Many of the products I have at SGT KNOTS are also great for camping enthusiasts, whether casual car-campers or hardcore backpackers, so the subject has my attention a lot of the time.

I've also got some great products for farmers and ranchers, though, so I thought I'd take a quick minute to share three of my favorites.

1. Lassoing Your Wild Buckaroos

Not all farmers need to go a'ropin' up some cattle, but for anyone who does the SGT KNOTS Farmer's Lariat Rope with Quick-Release Honda will help you do it with ease. This nylon/poly rope has a comfortable grip, resists moisture, and retains its strength for years. At 28 feet long and 7/16 inches thick, it's easy to handle and has all the reach you need to get the job done.

A durable metal clip serves as a quick-release honda, allowing you to make and unmake your lariat in the wink of an eye. Useful for leading a stray calf and any number of other tasks around the farm, this sturdy rope with an easy loop should definitely be in the arsenal.

2. Leading Your Horse to Water (or Anywhere Else)

A lariat might work for your cattle, but your horses deserve a softer touch--and so do your hands, when you're going to be handling rope all day. The SGT KNOTS Twisted Cotton Horse Lead does the trick nicely, giving you a soft, non-scratchy surface to grip but all the strength you need. The ¾ thick rope is double-braided back on itself to give you an even more comfortable grip, and at the end of eight feet of rope a two-foot metal is attached through another double-braid.

Secure, comfortable, and long lasting—what more could you need in a horse lead? Aside from an easy and reliable metal clip for quickly attaching and detaching, of course.

3. Leaving Nothing Up to Chance

Farmer's use almost as much rope as sailors—maybe even more—so it's always a good idea to have plenty on hand. Luckily, I've got plenty of it, and you can buy it in bulk. SGT KNOTS Twisted Natural Manila Rope is strong; resistant to heat, sunlight, abrasion, and moisture, and hardly stretches as all. It's the preferred natural fiber for ropes in terms of load capacity and structural integrity, and it will last a long time in most conditions.

Available as 3/8, 5/8, 1/4, and 1/2 diameter rope, and in lengths of 600 feet (1,200 feet for 1/4 inch), you'll have all the rope you need reliably on hand when you've got SGT KNOTS at the ready. Stock up now, and be worry-free about your rope for years!

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