SGT KNOTS Product Highlight: No-Handle BioThane Dog Leads

A great new material patented and being produced right here in the has led to a great new product for professional dog trainers and any dog owner interest in off-leash training. I'm happy to be one of the first to bring you these new BioThane no-handle dog leads, and at a far more affordable price than they're available elsewhere.

BioThane is a standard poly webbing coated with a patented polymer that makes it virtually weatherproof while keeping it flexible and avoiding any unwanted residue on your hands. Unlike many other rubber and polymer coatings, BioThane is also a stink-fee option for both you and your pet. It resists chewing way better than your average dog leash, too, giving you a hassle-free and almost indestructible lead for years of happy training.

Why No-Handle Leads Are Right for Off-Leash Training

Handles make it easy for you to keep a constant hold only your dog leash—that's their whole point. But when you're training your dog for off-leash responsiveness, you don't want a constant hold on your leash. You don't really want to be holding a leash at all when you can avoid it, in fact, otherwise your dog isn't getting the training you've intended.

At the same time, you need to be able to grab the lead to prevent your still-in-training pup from running off, or when they stop responding to your verbal commands and need a bit of physical correction. And while that little loop of fabric at the end of most dog leashes is great for throwing around your wrist and keeping a better grip, it's nothing but a nuisance when it's dragging alongside your dog. They're likely to get caught up in that loop and trip themselves, possibly causing injury and definitely interrupting their training.

That's why professional dog trainers and owners who get serious about going off-leash favor no-handle leads, also called drag leads or leashes, because they drag neatly alongside your dog while they run around during off-leash training. You get a quick and easy way to grab ahold when necessary, and your dog gets a trip-free training experience.

SGT KNOTS offers BioThane leashes in three lengths. The four-foot lead is long enough to trail a bit behind your dog and make it easy to grab in at-your-side training, allowing for quick correction any time your dog starts to stray too far. For wide-ranging off-leash training, we also offer 25- and 50-foot drag leads. You can send your dog out, call him back, and give the lead a tug if he doesn't respond to your commands.

Don't Let Off-Leash Training Be a Drag

If you've been toying with the idea of off-leash training for your canine, or if you're already into training and need a new, high-quality yet affordable leash, give the SGT KNOTS BioThane No-Handle leads a try! As always, made here in the USA and backed by the SGT KNOTS guarantee, and I'd love to hear what you think of them.

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