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4 Ways SGTKNOTS Can Help with Back-to-School

It's September, and for parents around the country that means Back to School season. Clothing sales commercials are blaring from every TV and radio station, supply lists the size of phone books are being sent home, and everyone has an idea or two on what you need to buy to make your kids' school years a success.

I couldn't help but chime in with a quick list of my own.

Bungee Cords for Better Bike Storage

You know my stance on fancy: if it doesn't do its job in the simplest way possible, it's trying too hard. When it comes to securing books, bags, and lunches to a bicycle (kids still ride bikes to school, right?), it doesn't get much simpler than a small rack, a milk crate, and a couple of high strength bungee cords. Strap the crate on nice and tight, toss in anything that won't fit in the backpack, and watch your youngin go teetering off in the early morning light.

I've got a few bungees available, and in enough colors to please even the pickiest of your offspring. By the foot or by the spool, there's more than enough bungee cord in our storeroom to outfit the whole school, so don't be shy.

Mesh Bags for Gym Clothes Transport

Whether it's middle school gym class or varsity football, school athletics mean extra laundry, and you'll need a reliable way to get that laundry back and forth. Our mesh bags are more reliable than most students—which we realize might not be saying all much—and will give your kids a way to tote their sweaty garments home each week in a breathable bag that easily attaches to the outside of their backpack. Keep the funk away from their textbooks, and everyone will breathe a little easier.

Zipper Pulls for Backpack Convenience

Even adult-size fingers can fumble with the small metal zipper pulls that come standard on backpacks and other gear and clothing, and things are only tougher when your take those fingers down a size or two. Equip your kids with some paracord zipper pulls from SGTKNOTS.com and make it easier for them to access their stuff and close things up securely when they're done.

Plus, they get all of the outdoor survival benefits that come standard with any high quality paracord, just in case a school bus breakdown leads to in impromptu backpacking adventure.

Boot Laces for Reliably Tight Shoes

Like bungee cords, bootlaces are pretty straightforward and speak for themselves. They do their job as simply and effectively as possible, and if you get the right quality they ought to hold up to years of footwear-securing tension. When it comes to today's youth, the bootlaces I have available are pretty much guaranteed to outlast your kids' shoes—they'll need to size up before these laces give out.

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