SGT KNOTS Product Highlight: Patented Sunglasses Lanyard/Strap

The sun makes a lot of great things possible—like life on Earth, for instance—but sometimes its brightness can get in the way of a clear view. When the sun's glare turns out to be too much, we turn to a pair of sunglasses to filter out a lot of light and help our eyes breathe a little easier. The easier it is to keep our sunglasses close by and conveniently worn and removed as the situation warrants, the more flexible our outdoor activities become.

Sunglass lanyards or straps are nothing new, and the concept is way older than your pair of aviators. A simple strap that that attaches to the arms of a pair of sunglasses, allowing them to dangle all but weightlessly from your neck when they aren't needed and keeping them at the ready whenever the sun pops up. It doesn't really get much simpler.

There are really only two requirements for a decent lanyard or strap for your sunglasses: it has to attach securely to the sunglasses' arms, and the strap itself needs to be durable enough to be regularly worn without breaking. Add in a bit of comfort and maybe something to adjust the length, and that's about as perfect as a sunglass strap could be…

...until now. cue dramatic music

Patented Silicone and Paracord Sunglass Strap

In all seriousness, I'm pretty proud of this one. I've steered SGTKNOTS away from needless gadgetry and towards products that are reliable, simple, and straightforward. That description doesn't meet up with real innovation all that often, but the SGTKNOTS Paracord Sunglass Lanyard with silicone tips to fit any size sunglasses are pretty spectacular.

The mil-spec 5040H Type III paracord that makes up the basic strap is just what you'd expect: high-quality paracord with multiple inner lines contained in a water-resistant poly sheathing, giving you long-term durability and ensuring your sunglasses will stay put use after use. You also get another way to keep a bit of paracord close by without crowding up your pack or your pockets, giving you quick access to an emergency line whenever the need arises.

Then there's the silicone tips, securely attached to the paracord strap and offering small, medium, and large holes that easily slip over the arms of any pair of sunglasses. These patented silicone holders offer a secure grip in seconds, and they release just as quickly when—and only when—you want them to. The concept behind these tips is, in true SGTKNOTS style, as simple as it is sophisticated, giving you high performance and top-of-the-line quality without any fanciness.

Try These New Lanyards on Your Favorite Pair of Sunglasses Today

I got these ready to go just in time for summer, so don't miss out—order up and try them out today! As with everything sold by SGTKNOTS—a proudly veteran-owned company—these sunglass lanyards are made entirely in the US and are backed by my personal guarantee. Be sure to leave some feedback and let me know what you think!

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